Large Foot Bath Basin – For Soaking Tired Feet, Massaging Aching Ankles, Home or Spa Pedicure – Best Thick Sturdy Plastic Tub.

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Brand: FineVine

Color: black


  • RELAX & REVITALIZE YOUR FEET AFTER A TIRING DAY! Fill this elite foot massaging tub with warm water, add essential aromatherapy oils or Epsom salts and soothe, relax and relieve your aching feet & ankles. Enjoy a unique foot spa experience!
  • STURDY & LONG-LASTING! Made of thick, solid plastic, this foot bath spa tub will resist high water temperatures without wobbling, like many similar products. It is a reliable, long-lasting foot bath soak tub for long years of reliable use.
  • SPACIOUS & SMART DESIGN! This generously sized 11″L x 10.5″W x 7″H detox foot tub will provide you with all space a foot size 11 user needs for their foot soaking purposes. The built-in foot massager dots and arches increase the efficiency of your pedi spa tub.
  • PEDICURE SERVICES IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME! Treat persistent calluses, corns and remove dead skin cells from your feet. This professional foot soak tub makes the #1 pedicure tub for your foot skin treatment and detoxification.
  • A THOUGHTFUL GIFTING IDEA! Treat a loved athlete, runner or worker standing on their feet all day to the best gift! Offer them this pro grade spa tub on any occasion and help them relax, detox and treat toenail fungus or ingrown nails in comfort. Show off your great taste!


Treat Your Feet To An Unprecedented Spa Soaking Experience!

Looking for a home spa tub to relieve your aching feet after an exhausting day?

In search of a professional foot soaking basin for treating corns, calluses or the athlete’s foot?

Look no further!

We are offering you a large, spacious and ULTRA sturdy pedicure spa foot tub that will make your foot treatment a comfortable & most enjoyable task!

Here’s How You Will Detox, Massage & Revitalize Your Feet, To Feel Relaxed & Rejuvenated!

The long hours you spend standing on your feet cause stabbing pains in your feet and ankles. And your workout training, running or dancing sessions leave your feet tired, with dry, dehydrated skin and stubborn corns on the toenails.

This large spa soak foot tub is designed to offer your feet pro standard treatment that will leave them relieved, baby soft and free of calluses, corns and inflammations.

Just fill it with your fragrant essential oils, Epsom salts or the enhancer of your choice and get ready for an unforgettable foot massaging, detox or relaxing experience!

Get A Foot Bathing Tub That Stands Out!

· Spacious enough for feet up to size 11

· High enough to fully cover your feet & ankles

· Built-in foot massager dots

· Sturdy, solid plastic manufacture

Use Your Foot Spa Soaking Spa For…

… your antifungus foot soak

… your relief foot soak

… your spa aromatherapy

… your foot massaging & detox

Great For Your Home & Beauty Salon!

Our foot soaking tub is a MUST-HAVE pedicure accessory for home or your beauty salon.

It is ideal for athletes, travelers, dancers and professionals who stand on their feet long hours.

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